[JT] Jochen Topf's Blog
Sat 2011-03-05 00:00

Working on Taginfo

In the past week two people contacted me independently who are working on Taginfo sites with local information for Ireland and Brazil. This prompted me to work on Taginfo again. Taginfo was never intended to be run on more than one web site, but it makes sense for other people to use it, too. So I incorporated some stuff that makes it easier to do that. Taginfo now has a new icon in the top left corner that can be changed for each instance, when you click on it you get some local information. Taginfo sites can add their address to the wiki.

I also worked on the documentation in the wiki which was very basic until now. Still lots to do. Next up is the API, I have to go through it and document at least the stable parts.

Tags: openstreetmap · taginfo