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Thu 2011-11-24 17:07

QGIS Plugin for Controlling OSM Editors

Lately I have been working on OSM-derived data in QGIS and finding bugs in the OSM data in the process. To fix the data I have to go into an OSM editor (that’s JOSM for me), find the right position and do the actual fix. To make that process easier I added a button to the QGIS user interface that uses the JOSM remote control feature to tell the editor which area to load data for.

Adding this button was actually quite easy. QGIS has a very nice and powerful plugin system and it took me only a few lines of code. The plugin is here.

Ah yes, before somebody asks: There is QGIS plugin that gives you an OSM editor right inside QGIS. But it is pretty basic and doesn’t do all those things I am accustomed to from JOSM.

Tags: openstreetmap · qgis