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Sun 2012-07-01 21:34

No Comment

Occasionally people ask me why there is no comment function on this blog. There are two answers for that: First, the software I use to create this blog does not support comments. My blog posts are “compiled” into static web pages that I then upload to my public site. This has many advantages. The site is fast, I don’t need a database around, the files are easy to backup and can be kept under version control. But mainly it means I can sleep soundly, because I don’t have to update Wordpress or some other blogging software every time a new security vulnerability is found.

But of course I could have done things differently. I could use a different software. There are even ways to allow comments on static pages. So the second, and more important answer ist: I don’t want the hassle, I don’t want to police my blog for Spam and I don’t want to be responsible when somebody puts nasty things into comments on my site.

If you have a comment send me an email, or put the comment on your blog (or whatever your choice of venue is) and send me an email then. If I think it might be interesting for the readers of my blog, I will link to it. I think this is much more in line with how the Internet is supposed to work. Everybody is resonsible for his or her own words and keeps them where they want to and we link to each other.

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