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Sun 2013-04-21 20:14

A New Website

I have had a personal web page for a long time. I started creating web pages in 1993 when I was a student at Freiburg University. At that time I didn’t have any way to publish it. But when I moved to Karlsruhe later that year I could put up my first real public home page on the university server there. In 1995 my web pages moved to the INKA web server and in 1998 they moved again to my new home in cyberspace on remote.org. In 2005 I added a web page for my “professional self” at www.jtic.de.

As these things are, time for and interest in my own web pages waxed and waned over the years and I often neglected to update them. For many years now my web sites have been totally out of date – I was busy with other things. Two and a half years ago I registered a new domain jochentopf.com and started moving my web pages over. That took longer than I had planned, but I am happy to announce that I finally made it. The new web site is online!

I had decided to join my personal and professional web sites into one. It is often difficult to keep private and commercial projects apart, as my hobbies tend to turn into work and my work influences my hobbies. I have moved over everything from my jtic.de site and it only redirects to the new site now. I moved large parts from remote.org, too, but there is still some stuff to do before I can retire that site. And, of course, there is some new information on the page and more to come.

The new web page got a new logo, a new design and some Javascript gimmicks, we have to go with the times… These days it is actually fun fiddling around with CSS and Javascript. Of course, this blog needed a new design as well, so everything fits together. As it has been the case with my former web sites, most of the pages on my new site are available in English and German.

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