[JT] Jochen Topf's Blog
Tue 2014-02-18 10:51

Taginfo on OSMF Server

In October 2010 I introduced taginfo. Since then I have updated it occasionally and added new functions. And over time it has become part of the “OSM landscape”.

From the beginning is was running on one of the servers sponsored by STRATO and run by the German OSM community. Over the last days, Tom Hughes and I have been migrating the service over to one of the official OSM Foundation servers. Actually, Tom did most of the work setting up the right Chef scripts to get everything to run smoothly. Thanks, Tom! The new server is faster and it also supports SSL/TLS, so access to taginfo can be more secure in the future and integration with the SSL-enabled wiki works better.

With the change of the DNS record today, the switch is now complete. (Depending on caches and browsers you might still get the old server for a while.) I’ll keep the old server running while we see how the new server performs. If you encounter any problems, please tell us.

Tags: openstreetmap · taginfo