[JT] Jochen Topf's Blog
Mon 2015-05-11 13:42

News for OpenStreetMapData.com

Three years ago I launched the OpenStreetMapData.com [Update: Discontinued June 2019, some data now available from osmdata.openstreetmap.de]. web site to host the OSM coastline data extracts I was generating. Since then I have been updating those extracts at least daily and offering them for download on that site. The coastline extracts are used in many OSM maps including the OSM standard style.

Today I am happy to annouce that I have joined forces with Christoph Hormann to bring some more data extracts to OpenStreetMapData.com. Christoph has been doing some great work especially around creating generalized data for cartography. Have a look around his web site for all the interesting work he has done.

As our first addition we are adding data for the Antarctic icesheet and generalized coastline data to the OpenStreetMapData.com portfolio. Christoph has some more information on his blog.

Tags: geodata · openstreetmap · openstreetmapdata · osmcoastline