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Mon 2016-08-15 20:55

Taginfo Projects

About two years ago I introduced the taginfo “projects” feature: A way to connect taginfo with all the uses of OSM tags out there, to editors, special maps, routing services etc. By now we have about 50 projects that have published a project file describing their tag use. This data gets integrated into taginfo and helps mappers and users of OSM data to see who actually uses which tags. Today I have released some changes to taginfo that integrate this information even better.

First, the projects page got an upgrade. It now shows the number of keys and tags of each project in the projects table. And it adds two new tabs that show all keys and all tags that are used by at least one of the projects.

The keys and tags tables have gotten a new column called “Projects” that show the number of projects using each key or tag (unless you have a very large display you have to scroll the table horizontally to see more columns). Just like the information which keys and tags have wiki pages, this allows everybody to quickly see what tags are actually in use and not just “in the database”.

All together not huge changes, but I hope they make the projects feature a bit more useful and prominent and encourage more people to add their projects. Adding your project helps you, too. We have already identified wrong configurations in several projects, because you can easily see in taginfo whether the keys and tags you are using are actually in use in the OSM database.

Oh, and as a bonus for those of you with HiDPI/Retina displays, taginfo looks much better now with all icons in high resolution.

Tags: openstreetmap · taginfo