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Sat 2023-07-15 19:43

Linking to external tools from taginfo

Taginfo has as its goal to find and collect all useful knowledge about OSM tags and make it accessible. But taginfo can’t do everything. That’s why it has always linked to tools that “do something with OSM tags”, the most popular one is probably Overpass Turbo.

Taginfo does have maps showing an overview of where certains tags are used, but the maps are static and not available for all tags. The link to Overpass gives you more option of exploring the actual OSM data on a map (and much more).

Similarly taginfo can show you in a graph how often a key or tag was used over time. But you can only see this graph for a single key or tag and all it does is count the uses. But there are tools out there that can do more. In the last weeks I have integrated links to two such tools to taginfo: Martin Raifer’s OSM Tag history tool and the ohsome dashboard from HeiGIT. Both allow you do explore the OSM tag history, but in different ways.

To use these tools look for the tool buttons on the top right of all key, tag, and relation pages. The filter setting right above the tool buttons will affect those link (except on the relation pages where a filter on relations is always used).

The OSM Tag history tool is also available from the comparison page (example). In this case it shows the curves for all compared keys and tags on a single graph making it easy to see the differences and similarities.

Do you know of any other tools that can (generically) handle OSM tags, keys, and/or relation types and that might be useful to integrate into taginfo? Open an issue on the taginfo issue tracker!

Tags: openstreetmap · taginfo