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OSM Hack Weekend in Essen, Germany in June

Martijn van Exel is organizing a hack weekend on June 10-12 2011 at the Linuxhotel. I am planning to be there. After many hack weekends in London this ist the first such event in Essen after a long time. The first OSM event at the Linuxhotel was the Essen Developers Workshop I organized there four years ago. Has it already been that long?.

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State of the Map EU

The organisers of the State of the Map Europe have published the programme and it looks very interesting. I will give a talk about Taginfo and a talk about Osmium, the two projects I currently spend my free time on.

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Taginfo Talk and Workshop

Yesterday I gave a talk about Taginfo at the FOSSGIS2011 conference. The talk is in German, you can download a video (570 MB MP4). Many thanks to the volunteers who created the awesome videos of all the OSM talks at FOSSGIS!

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