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Hacking Weekend II

The Karlsruhe Hacking Weekend is over. 18 people were there at least part of the time. I had a lot of fun and even got a little bit of work done: As mention I worked on Taginfo and on the second day I worked a bit on the statistics for my upcoming talk at the FOSSGIS conference. I am using Osmium and full-history planet dumps to see what has been happening in OSM. I’ll publish some code and graphics at some point.

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Hacking Weekend

The Karlsruhe Hacking Weekend is in full swing. About 15 people are sitting around, munching apples, pizza and Gummi Bears and talking about things “somebody” should do “someday”. And we do some actual work, too. I fixed a few bugs in Taginfo, Sven and others are working on updating the German map style. Some people are talking about obscure Mapnik config options. No idea what the other people are doing.

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Reading RSS and Atom Feeds

I recently started writing my own RSS and Atom feed reader. I’ll write another blog post about why and how I am doing that. Today I want to focus just on one part of the job: Reading the RSS and Atom feeds.

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Osmium ToDo list

The Osmium framework has been around for about a year and a half now and has grown to include a lot of functionality. But there is still much to to. In this blog post, I have collected some of those things. There is no particular order to the following list.

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