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Launching OpenStreetMapData.com

In the last months I have spent a lot of my spare time working on the OSMCoastline program mentioned several times in this blog already. It is by no means perfect yet, but it works and several people have tried it and used its output. But it is not the easiest program to use with all its options and you need a current planet file to work from, not everybody has one lying around. So I thought about how to make access to its output easier for everybody.

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Osmium Packages

I just noticed that someone has created official Debian packages for Osmium (libosmium-dev, osmjs). They have also found their way into the new Ubuntu 12.04 version. Unfortunately they are already outdated. It is fine if you only want to use osmjs, but if you do any development based on Osmium, I suggest you use the version from github.

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