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New flex output in osm2pgsql

Last week I wrote about Paying off technical debt in osm2pgsql. The work described there came about while I was adding the new “flex output” to osm2pgsql. In osm2pgsql terminology “outputs” are the parts of osm2pgsql responsible for converting the OSM data into a format suitable for the database and then adding it to the database. There are several outputs, the classic “pgsql” output, the “gazetteer” output used for Nominatim imports, and the “multi” output, an earlier attempt at adding more flexibility to osm2pgsql that never got much traction. The new “flex” output rethinks this job and adds, as the name suggest, a lot of flexibility. When I worked on it I needed changes in other parts of osm2pgsql outside the output structure itself, so that’s where the cleanup job I talked about last week started. In this blog post I want to write a little more about the flex output, the ideas behind it, and my work on it.

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Tags: openstreetmap · osm2pgsql · software development