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SotM 2022 and the OSM data model

It’s two weeks after the State of the Map 2022 in Florence and its high time I write this blog post. I had a great time and can only agree with what Ilya said in the closing session, how great it was to see everyone again (or for the first time) after such a long dry spell (Ilya’s words were much better though).

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Study on the Evolution of the OSM Data Model

In the last months I have been working on a study commissioned by the EWG about ideas to improve the OSM data model. This study is now finished and I have sent it to the EWG today. You can already find it on my website. The EWG might also publish it somewhere official after review. I am also going to talk about the study at the State of the Map conference in Florence on Friday, August 19, 2022. I am looking forward to lots of discussions at SotM and in the coming months.

Tags: data model · openstreetmap