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Fri 2014-03-14 15:17

Reloading Project in QGIS

QGIS caches the data for the layers it is showing. This can be a bit annoying when the data changes and QGIS doesn’t know about this. What is missing is some kind of “reload layer data” function. Instead I have to remove layers and add them again all the time. Or, instead of reloading each layer, I reload the whole project. Still, this needs several clicks and after the reload you are back to the project extent instead of where you were before the reload.

To fix this I have written a tiny little python plugin called ReloadProject that gives me a new option “Reload Project” in the “Project” menu. Selecting this or hitting Ctrl-r reloads the whole project and shows the same extent you had before. Pretty useful I think.

For some reason the validator didn’t accept my upload to the plugins repository so until I figure out whats wrong there you have to install it manually from github.

Tags: qgis