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Reloading Project in QGIS

QGIS caches the data for the layers it is showing. This can be a bit annoying when the data changes and QGIS doesn’t know about this. What is missing is some kind of “reload layer data” function. Instead I have to remove layers and add them again all the time. Or, instead of reloading each layer, I reload the whole project. Still, this needs several clicks and after the reload you are back to the project extent instead of where you were before the reload.

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FOSSGIS Freelancer Meeting

Next week the (German language) FOSSGIS-Konferenz takes place in Berlin. For the first time since 2007 I am not giving a talk there, but I’ll be around all three days to learn new things and (re-)connect with people from the OSM and Open Source GIS communities. Lars Lingner and I are also organizing a BoF session for freelancers. We both are have been seeing more and more interest in OSM and GIS development and services and are often contacted for projects larger than one person can handle or where different skillsets are needed. We want to better connect the freelancers in these fields to to able to help each other out. So if you are working freelance or have a small company in the OSM or Open Source GIS fields, please come join us on Wednesday for a chat.

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