[JT] Jochen Topf's Blog
Wed 2016-09-21 11:48

Upcoming events

I am busy preparing for two events: Only two days now until the State of the Map 2016 in Brussels, where I’ll be giving a talk about taginfo. On Sunday I’ll be hosting an Area Workshop where we want to talk about the effort to fix broken and inefficiently tagged (multi)polygons in OSM. I’ll be around for (part of) the hack day, too.

And then there is the upcoming Elbe-Labe-Meeting which I am co-organizing here in Dresden. A meeting for OSMers from Germany and the Czech republic (or everwhere else) to strengthen the ties between OSM enthusiasts and discuss issues we all face. And, not to forget, to have some fun together.

I hope to see many fellow OSMers at those events and looking forward to lots of interesting discussions and talks.

Tags: event · openstreetmap · taginfo