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Upcoming events

I am busy preparing for two events: Only two days now until the State of the Map 2016 in Brussels, where I’ll be giving a talk about taginfo. On Sunday I’ll be hosting an Area Workshop where we want to talk about the effort to fix broken and inefficiently tagged (multi)polygons in OSM. I’ll be around for (part of) the hack day, too.

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Libosmium and Osmium tool releases

Yesterday I released version 2.9.0 of libosmium and version 1.4.0 of the Osmium command line tool. There are quite a few significant changes.

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Historic tag use

The most requested features of taginfo is a view showing historical use of tags. I never had the time to add this, but fortunately there is now a solution: Martin Raifer created a service that shows the history of tags in nice graphs. You can see it at taghistory.raifer.tech. Some more background in a diary entry from Martin. Matthijs Melissen has already used this to find some interesting statistics.

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